My Favorite Quotes: Love and Marriage

I had good intentions to write a blog post last week, but procrastination got the best of me. I write blog posts from my laptop, however, my laptop is having issues. It’s overheating again since the fan no longer works. I tried getting it fixed but the computer experts refused to fix it. Instead, they kept insisting that nothing is wrong with my laptop. I cannot for the life of me write blog posts from my iPhone. I do not understand how bloggers can write and edit blog posts from their smart phones. How does the tiny phone screen not annoy you? It’s very difficult to edit from a phone screen that is not much bigger than a deck of cards. Okay, two decks of cards but you get the point. 👩‍💻

As a continuation from my previous blog post titled, “My Favorite Quotes: Tea Time,” I want to share some of my favourite love and marriage quotes with you. There’s a bunch of em’ and I personally don’t have a favourite quote! Similar to the tea quotes, I wanted a safe place to keep these quotes because #memories but didn’t want to keep the original document. It’s only logical to write a blog post about my favourite love and marriage quotes, right? 👰🤵 Some of you may know (or don’t know) that I married my husband in May 2016 and we have been inseparable since January 2013! ❤


A rare photo of me on my wedding day. Photo taken May 7, 2016

(っ◔◡◔)っ♥ Love Is In The Air ♥




Did any of these quotes resonate with you? I am curious to know which of these love/marriage quotes is your favourite. It does not have to be one from my list. Also, do you believe in true love? What about love at first sight? Are you married or do you plan to get married one day? Feel free to join the conversation by leaving a comment below ↓ I will try my best to respond to your comments this week.

Thanks for stopping by!

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55 thoughts on “My Favorite Quotes: Love and Marriage

  1. ceponatia says:

    It’s a shame I can’t stop by and fix it for you, lol. It’s probably simple! Do you know for certain it’s not working? If so, you can usually find replacement ones on a site like and they’re actually pretty easy to install as long as you know the model of your laptop. I had a similar thing happen with my last laptop but ended up just tossing it because it was a cascading series of failures that pretty much signified the end of its life.

    I can’t write on my phone either. Sometimes I can manage a comment or reply on my phone, but rarely. I don’t think we’ll ever see a day where devices the size of phones replace full sized keyboards… unless a revolutionary new way of writing words is developed.

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    • Hilary Tan says:

      I’ve taken the laptop to a couple of places and they keep insisting that there is no point trying to fix the fan. Also, my laptop doesn’t go to sleep; instead, it shuts off. Otherwise, my laptop still works but it’s very concerning when it overheats. I feel as if it could burst into flames b/c it gets really hot. 🔥

      I think that longer blog posts do not fare well with smart phones. I can leave comments from my phone but I’m gonna pass on writing full blog posts from my phone lol Considering that newer phone models no longer have a headphone jack, I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually replace full sized keyboards one day. Thank you for your words of wisdom and advice! 😀😊

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      • ceponatia says:

        I’d be interested in knowing what they would consider “no point” in replacing a $4 component but I digress lol. You could try one of those lap-fans. They’re plastic trays that sit in your lap (or on your desk) that plug into a USB port and have a big fan on them. That’s what I used when mine died.

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      • Hilary Tan says:

        I think we have one of those plastic trays. My fan doesn’t work at all…. it won’t turn on. It gets overheated and there’s no way to really cool it down. I’ve even tried blowing a cold fan at it lol yeah… I might need to invest in a tray that comes equipped with a fan!


  2. PoojaG says:

    You and your husband are so cute together! I really enjoyed the quotes even though I am not married or in a relationship at the moment. I do believe in love and I believe to an extent in love at first sight.

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    • Hilary Tan says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Pooja! Have you been in a previous relationship? I didn’t go on dates or find a boyfriend until I was 21. People often seem surprised that I am married, but I tell them that it’s better to wait to find the right person, even if it takes a while ❤

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      • PoojaG says:

        You’re welcome! Yes I have been in some relationships but I agree with you- waiting for the right person is better and that’s why I want to take a break from relationships for a while.

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      • Hilary Tan says:

        Thank you for answering my question, Pooja 😇 I think you are making a good decision waiting to find the right person. These days, there is so much pressure to be with someone for the sake of being with someone, even if they aren’t the right one. However, there’s nothing wrong with being single – I think it’s necessary for personal growth and deep reflections 🙏🏻💕

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      • Hilary Tan says:

        That’s a good way to look at things. I can only speak from personal experience but I don’t regret being single. By the time I found my [now] husband, I knew exactly what kind of relationship I wanted. Before meeting him, I went on a couple of dates with other guys but knew they weren’t right for me. I didn’t stay in those relationships very long. It’s OK to be picky and know what you want. 🙏🏻💕

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      • PoojaG says:

        Yeah most of my relationships have been quite short too because I know what I’m looking for and I feel like there is no point staying with someone who isn’t right for you. I’m so glad you found the person you were looking for and I hope I do someday too!


  3. Michelle says:

    That’s such a great photo! You guys are so cute.
    I love all of these quotes. It’s hard to pick a favorite.
    My husband and I met in highschool but it took us many years and separate lives to “meet” each other again. Now we’ve been married since 2003. 🙂

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    • Hilary Tan says:

      I hope that your SO becomes your soon-to-be husband! ❤ I would suggest getting married after the pandemic calms down and things are “normal” again. I heard that people are having weddings over Zoom, which I could not do honestly.

      Hmm…. an alternative to the laptop? A desktop computer? Ours is super slow and it drives me crazy so I don’t use it 👩‍💻 I also have an iPad mini but it’s just as annoying to use as my phone! 😂


  4. popsiclesociety says:

    Such a beautiful couple 💕
    I feel that my marriage resonate with: A long marriage is two people trying to dance a duet and two solos at the same time 😊
    Because we are united, we are best friends but we also must remember that we are also individual persons at the same time 😉

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  5. Kally says:

    You are such a beautiful bride, both of your happiness just shone so brightly!

    I believe in soulmates. I found mine in 2012, did a 2 year long distance, closed the gap in 2015 and tighten the gap with a kid in 2017.

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  6. Author_Joanne_Reed says:

    Great selection of quotes. I recently wrote a blog article about marriage. The institution of marriage has evolved over the year. In the beginning, it was purely designed to promote the survival and economic prosperity of both families. During the Victorian era, romantic love became viewed as the primary requirement for marriage and couples spent a huge amount of time and energy in the rituals of courting and finding romantic ways to express their love, affection, and loyalty to their chosen ones. In this modern era, the institution of marriage is evolving into a third stage, also known as the self-expressive marriage. Nowadays, marriage revolves around self-expression, we seek not just love but mutual personal growth. We want partners who are able and willing to help us explore our feelings and our identity, partners who can help us bring out our most authentic selves. Feel free to check my article –

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