Alone Together

Looking in from the outside, I see people who aren’t me. I see people who think they’re equals in the gallery. Two combined makes more, and soon there will be four. Yet I am becoming invisible with each passing day as the days rage on like war. This isn’t fun you see, it’s quite the opposite really. It started off alright until I wasn’t okay with reality. Now I just want to hide and run away even if it’s for a short while they say. How much longer until things get better? How much longer until I am not under the weather? I have neglected my health – my sanity, and as a result, became sickly. Combined with pain, sickliness, and forgetfulness, I have found myself in one huge mess. This is only week two and already I miss you. I wish you were here to comfort me and to tell me things will be good as new. I am not okay and will never be until we are once again a team of three. Alone I am useless, forgotten, and unwell. But I know that one day when you join me, things will be swell.


Go to school. Sleep. Repeat. Be miserable. 


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