Creature of the Night

There is a little night terror that patiently awaits me. Long nights so lonely, yet her company’s within me. Achy bones and aches all over… when will this madness stop? I know that you meant well, with good intentions, dear mind. So why do you continue letting me down at bedtime? The more I try to change my ways, the more you resist me. I do not want company at this hour you know, but guess what? Dear Alice, all dressed in black, you have a knack for mind games in the middle of the night. Please leave me alone and get out of my sight! I don’t want you here and I never meant to befriend you. And now you won’t leave as you continue mocking my values. Insomnia, whatever you are, I must not give into you. Keep me awake in the daytime when I need you the most. I’ll toast to that but in the meantime, here I lay wide awake like a puppet on strings. As I wait for the morning bell to ring, it usually goes unnoticed from pure exhaustion. During the day, I’m like a zombie – that’s so backward, they say! Conscious at night and the living dead by day, it is a dream that’s far from great. This is the worst kind of nightmare, trapped inside my head with no control over my current state. Reality is just a blur because I cannot tell night from day. There’s no true black and white because they’ve morphed into grey. The migraines are real as blurry vision takes a bow. All I can do is pray that I will survive yet another day as an insomniac.


giphy (1).gif

GIF of Patrick who also suffers from insomnia.





7 thoughts on “Creature of the Night

  1. Philaric Mind says:

    Remedy for insomnia : Keep away your mobile phone from the bed, while sleeping. Put off the lights and keep your room total dark ( don’t even put on night lamp ). Make your mind completely vacant and keep looking at the ceiling, while lying on the bed. You won’t be able to see anything due to the darkness of the room and eventually your eyes will be tired and you’ll fall asleep.


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