Friends No More

Yo, my name is Hillz and Imma rhyme you this rap. Was gonna write you a song but I’m too tired for that. My baby is a brat but despite all of that the sun started shining and the clouds went a’hiding. There is no denying that you can keep on trying to be a good friend when you kept on lying. It is a disgrace; that’s the dis to the grace. We all know grace is gentle and kind but this concept has left your mind. Next time you choose to backstab, it is like throwing salt on my wound. You haven’t learned your lesson, there’s no hiding the truth. If you take the route of no return, then I’ll give you a slap on the back that you’ve earned. There is no friends allowed in the zone of no more. This is the end of the road. This is the end of my rap. This is the end of nice Hillz and the end of your crap.



#forced-smile from Pretty Little Liars