Haiku By Hilary

Cries of the forest

standing there in the shadows

he howls at the moon.


Only I can hear

the voices inside my head

play mind games with me.


If you give me wings

will you take me to that place,

in our distant sky?


She whispers my name

the ashes lie beneath me

I cry in silence.


Beyond the darkness

there is a light within us

to be remembered.


The stars shine tonight

dancing in the moonlight

her dress glides swiftly.

A final note This Haiku was written by me in non-chronological order on January 17, 2012. I kept a record on a notepad just in case I might share them one day. I hope you enjoy these Haiku~! Let me know in the comments below ↓ if you would like me to write more Haiku poetry.