Halfway To Morning

In my head, I hear voices. It’s not you, it is me. It’s a nightmare from hell, except it’s real don’t you see? I am trapped in my world while I’m trying to escape. It is a little past midnight, it is a little too late. I tried running away because I’m sleepless with fright. So I tried pleading with God and begging with might. A moment to myself was a moment worth taking, but the clock keeps on ticking and morning is waking. I can’t tell if I’m tired or if I’m awake. I’m in an insomniac trance so this must be my fate. It is these late sleepless nights that I cannot tolerate. I surrender from studying because it’s too much to take. I might pass. I might fail. Only God knows that well. If this is my fate then it’s pointless to dwell. I’m too tired to think and I just want to be but insomnia wants to play games until three. As I lay my head down on my pillow to think, my mind starts to wander and I’m out in a blink.



I suffer from chronic insomnia. Herbal teas and hot baths do not work. If anyone has a remedy that works, please let me know.