Heaven’s Lost Property

If heaven had a country, it would be a castle in the sky. A castle made of wood and nails where birds would soar so high. But heaven hasn’t claimed it yet so it’s meant for you and me. We could make a sign saying, “NO BOYS ALLOWED” and display it for all to see. Our friends could play hide and seek below on the grassy turf, that hasn’t been watered for months on end because the key got lost in dirt. If we lived there we would have no rules. No chores or broccoli. We would have an anthem and passports too because that would set us free. Then one stormy winter’s night our country fell to pieces, where the blizzard wrapped its arms around the waists of all the trees-es. The wood and nails weren’t enough to stop the blizzard’s dance. And that is the story of our poor treehouse which didn’t stand a chance. 


Source: arthur.wikia.com/wiki/FileOriginal_Tree_House.png



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