Life As We Know It

We are going home again to another destination. This is a new opportunity and a place for exploration. We are traveling all the time; like typical Millennials who never ever settle unlike here-to-stay perennials. I am going to call this new place “home” even though we are always on the move. Right now, I am not sure where I belong but I will try and stay strong for you. I am afraid that we will be split like a banana and its peel. My pain for you will heal when we are together again. Just finding my way, breaking through barriers hoping that one day I will get there and life will be merrier. You’ve got problems and I’ve got them too but I won’t let them determine my happiness with you. Just trying to get by is not good enough anymore. We need to be spectacular and something to be remembered for. We do not want to be average or anything beneath it so we must rise above the fog and strive to exceed it.

giphy (3)

Is this my forever home or just another road trip?

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