Raps By Mama Hillz

Yo, my name is Hillz and I have nothin’ to say. Let me rhyme this rap for you on this gloomy kinda day. No, wait! It is night. It’s a badass kinda night. Chilling in my crib, with my homies Mike&Ike. August 23, 2017

Poppin’ pills like it’s nobody’s business on a Saturday night. I just came here to study and get a sugar high – that’s right. No drugs, no shame. Because that’s the game us street kids play. Locked in a library, very far far away from civilization. There is procrastination stirring where the big boys play. Not giving a damn in the world because they did their time in the day. I’m trapped in my prison, in my little piece of hell. Hoping that one day I’ll get a raise. Only Big Brother can tell. August 24, 2017

Spinning my wheels on the race track yo. Not knowing where to go. Take it fast or take it slow. The easy road is never quite so. Never what it seems to be or else life would be a breeze. Wind blows softly on my face and I am winning the rat race for now at least. Took a few breaths and took a break so now I’m in dead last. October 29, 2019. 

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