Raps By Mama Hillz

Yo, my name is Hillz and I have nothin’ to say. Let me rhyme this rap for you on this gloomy kinda day. No, wait! It is night. It’s a badass kinda night. Chilling in my crib, with my homies Mike&Ike. August 23, 2017

Poppin’ pills like it’s nobody’s business on a Saturday night. I just came here to study and get a sugar high – that’s right. No drugs, no shame. Because that’s the game us street kids play. Locked in a library, very far far away from civilization. There is procrastination stirring where the big boys play. Not giving a damn in the world because they did their time in the day. I’m trapped in my prison, in my little piece of hell. Hoping that one day I’ll get a raise. Only Big Brother can tell. August 24, 2017


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