The Only One

Once she was a child and now she’s fully grown. But what she doesn’t show you are the battle scars she’s grown. These two human beings are simply one in the same. Her mirrored reflection happens to be the one that she also named. She possesses weak lifelines which are nothing but a blur. What she really needs is a family who is willing to help her. But her parents didn’t care that she carried a heavy heart. They told her to just get over it, that it’s as easy as throwing a dart. She has no one else to share all of her burden and her grief. Even her lawful family was indifferent and feelings were brief. She gave up caring and became indifferent, these were people whom she mocked. Now she buries her head in the books so she’s not distracted by the clock. There needs to be a future filled with brighter and better things. The grass must be greener on the other side so she will see what tomorrow brings.



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