The Road Now Taken

They promised me fortune. They promised me fame. They promised me a life I dreamed of having one day. They told me I’d see the light at the end where there wouldn’t be spells cast upon me like rain. The regret and the guilt take over my brain as I cling to my degree while going insane. Those insomniac nights, pondering life as we know it. Was it a waste of my time and did I really blow it? There must be something more divine on the path I am headed and that would be a future not dreaded. As I ask myself why I waste these days in and out, the clock keeps on ticking and I just want to shout! There will be an end to this madness, you’ll see! There will be an end when I finish school with glee. With a career that will serve, one that will just let me be. One day I’ll surprise you – stand back and watch me!


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“A depressed Spongebob Squarepants”