6 Ways to Stay Focused in College

As I cozy up to my laptop while sipping my morning orange pekoe, I contemplate what to write for my next post. Today I know what I should be doing, which is studying Anatomy and Physiology but I don’t want to do it. Do you ever feel forced to do something that you have no desire to do? Because that’s how I feel every day.

While everyone else seems to be living fabulous lives with Instagram photos to prove it, I keep asking myself what my purpose is in life. I don’t exactly have an answer for that yet. While I ponder life I will try and come up with a list of study habits that help me stay focused when studying is the last thing on my mind.

  1. Log out of Facebook  You have no reason to be there. Get out of there before they suck you into the rabbit hole because once you’re there, you can never leave, Don’t kid yourself. 5 minutes turns into an hour. An hour turns into 3 hours. Using your smartphone? Even worse. It’s almost impossible to put the phone down so I suggest hiding it so it’s out of sight. Log out of Facebook messenger too while you’re at it (texting is just as addictive). These apps has no place on your phone along with Twitter, Instagram, Whisper etc. which brings me to my next point.
  2. No More Social Apps I promised myself in January 2017 that I would not download any more social apps. I seldom keep social apps on my iPhone and use my phone for what it is – a phone. There seems to be a new app released every 6 months and its exhausting keeping up with them and constantly feeling the need to update on a daily basis. This is similar to having a second job but this “job” doesn’t pay your bills. So unless its a passion with a purpose, why bother? People keep telling me to get a Snapchat and I have no plans to start using that platform any time soon. I am on the verge of deleting KIK permanently too. Sorry Cassie.media-998990_960_720
  3. Go to Bed When You’re Tired Tired at 10 pm? Go to bed. Don’t make the same mistake as me where I end up laying on the couch at night, mindlessly playing Candy Crush or watching mindless TV shows. I don’t want to leave my husband’s side but at the same time, the extra sleep is really important for mental health and concentration. Nights where I do not get enough sleep, I end up sleeping in and wasting the following day playing “catch up.” Go to bed and take naps if that’s an option for you.
  4. Make a Plan Everyday This one seems obvious. My In Laws suggested that I get a planner. Planners can be purchased from a Dollar Store and it doesn’t have to break the bank. I also bought a journal that I write in when I am not using my phone for notes. It helps me stay in the present and keeps me focused on the the tasks that lay ahead. When I complete a task, I highlight it in bright yellow which gives me a sense of accomplishment. The dopamine rush I get from doing this is much healthier than the brief adrenaline surge from Facebook. At the end of the month, I review everything I completed plus I don’t feel the temptation to wander mindlessly through my notes.


    Here is an example of a fancier planner. I bought my water-proof planner at Dollarama and it works great…

  5. Email is Your BFF Forget texting and messenger. I once used texting as a way to have deep conversations with distant friends. I thought that these conversations were meaningful but I don’t have a record of them; only a virtual footprint. If I want access to my past conversations, they are buried among hundreds of thousands of text messages that probably won’t be looked at again. I like e-mail because I can keep the important files and discard the rest. The email I use is the same one I had since I was 12 so if a classmate or long-lost relative needs to contact me, they can. Looking back, I remember when we used to send chain mail to our e-mail contacts. It’s bittersweet digging up old emails but the majority of them I have trashed.
  6. Classical and Chill-step If you have a hard time staying focused like I do, listen to
    music. My top 2 genres are Classical and Chillstep. My husband listens to Country music and Rush Limbaugh and it drives me crazy. YouTube makes it incredibly easy to stream playlists so it’s my main source of entertainment. You can find my YouTube channel here to help get you started. Usually I study in silence but music is my best option when my thoughts are overwhelming. There should be a #7 which is exercise but since I live a sedentary lifestyle, that doesn’t really apply to me.


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I hope you found 6 Ways to Stay Focused in College helpful. If you enjoyed reading this article please like it below↓ and feel free to add to the comments section. I am always open to discuss this topic with like-minded people who are also motivated and driven to succeed.