7 Ways to Stop Wasting Money 💰

img_2726Most people my age are victims to over-spending and buying sh*t they don’t need. Fortunately, my husband and I are not in debt because we are conscious of our spending habits. I am what you would call a person who lives within reason and yet, I shop for brand names and avoid second-hand products. My husband, on the other hand, has no problem buying used electronics to save some money. Just because one chooses to buy less stuff, doesn’t mean that gently used is the only option.

You can learn to cut back on unnecessary spending and it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some tips on how to save money whether you are a college student or a Millennial who needs to cut back on frivolous spending and curb your bad habits.

  • Think before you buy When you receive your next paycheck, birthday money etc. you don’t need to spend it immediately. You can’t think rich if you keep blowing your money on materialistic things or wants. It’s not about how much money you make; it’s how much money you save.

Is a daily Starbucks run really necessary? I go to Starbucks maybe once or twice per year and even then, I am conscious of how much I’m spending on these overpriced drinks. Sometimes, date night is a must so I do splurge from time to time but this is not a daily or weekly thing.


We buy brand name clothes for the family. However, we only buy what’s on sale and only if we need it. We bought this hoodie for our toddler for $10 in the US.

  • Less is more Do you really need 4 tablets, 2 laptops and 3 smartphones with unlimited data and roaming? No. You don’t need data on your tablet when you travel and you don’t need the latest tech gadgets. This is not only expensive but it won’t keep you satisfied. Like video game or manga collecting, it gets old after a while, you’ll grow bored or it and you’ll move on. Collecting stuff might not make you happy in the long-run after all.

We all gotta start somewhere. During the decluttering process, you might benefit from reading this book: The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

  • Shop at discount stores If you can find the same brands at a discount store, then shop there. I compare the volume to price and compare items based on weight. My husband taught me this trick so I don’t get wrapped up in shopping at discount stores even if it’s not actually a bargain in comparison. Sometimes upgrading to a larger size elsewhere makes sense, like dish soap. But often I can get away with shopping at Dollarama for the same brands.

I’m excited that there is a store opening soon that is close to home. This is the best Dollar Store in Canada in my opinion. I often shop here for discounted brand-name items.


The best stationary comes from Dollarama, hands down.

  • Don’t collect multiples This is an ongoing problem at my mom’s house. She often buys multiple items of the same thing because she forgets what she already owns. Items like food in the fridge often get lost and forgotten. Not only is this a waste of money, but chances are you’ll end up throwing these expired products in the trash. I try not to buy multiples by keeping track of what I own which is easier when you own less in the first place. Do you really need 5 bottles of soap from Bath and Body Works? Unless there is an amazing sale on soap and you plan on giving them away as gifts, skip the multiples.

I get a discount on these items which I would normally buy anyways because I buy it in gift-pack for a fraction of the price! Best of all, these items are fully-sized so I get to try new brands and scents each year. It’s like Christmas in September!

  • Make it Yourself Do you have a habit of getting drive-thru drinks every time you leave the house? Do you need that daily 3 PM caffeine boost? Make it yourself. It’s very cheap to make a smoothie at home but it requires a little effort. I prefer to take the DIY route plus I can control what I put in my body (calories, fat, ingredients). With the internet being readily available to us, there are DIY projects from Starbucks mock-cappuccinos to bath bombs.

I never understood why anyone would spend full price on hot water and a tea bag at Tim Horton’s, especially hot water is virtually free and tea costs roughly 10 cents per bag. I make my own tea at home now.

  • Cancel your subscriptions As much as I enjoy reading magazines, much of what I read becomes redundant over time. There are a couple magazines that I really enjoy but even these get old after a while. Magazines are also quite pricey so it makes sense to order a yearly subscription. The only problem is that I was locked into a 2-year subscription Cosmopolitan even though I got bored of reading them after a few months. I couldn’t care less about the advertisements, makeup, and fashion sections (more ads for expensive products we don’t actually need).

Before discarding my magazines, I made a vision board with snippets of positive messages.

  • Rewire Your Brain Have a broke student mentality. If you have ever been in post-secondary school, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Much of changing a habit begins with the way you think. By thinking a certain way, over time you can reprogram your brain to understand these “sacrifices” won’t leave you feeling deprived. Since adopting a minimalist mindset, I am much happier with what I have and I no longer chase the latest shiny thing that’s waved in my face.

Learn to appreciate the good things in life🌴

I hope you found 7 Ways to Stop Wasting Money helpful. If you enjoyed reading this article please like it below↓ and feel free to add to the comments section. I am always open to discuss this topic with like-minded people who are also motivated to save money.

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6 thoughts on “7 Ways to Stop Wasting Money 💰

  1. V says:

    Hola Chica – I loved this. I loved it. Honestly, I’m not the best when it comes to money. There are some things on here that I do practice though. I think information like this is stuff that people ought to know.

    I love the Dollar Store, also. I love it. Maybe when I move back to Calgary we can go shopping at the Dollar Store together. lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hilary Tan says:

      Thank you so much for reading this post…. and finding it! It’s not the easiest to find haha I appreciate your comment – I really do 🙂 People seem to wonder what I do to save money and they’re often in in disbelief when I tell them I’m not living in debt. Honestly, Dollarama has some amazing finds! Part of the fun is the hunt itself. I would totally go shopping with you next time you’re in Calgary. Maybe we can be bad and go to Starbucks as well? 😂


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